Losing That Pregnancy Weight

Pregnancy Weight

Let’s Talk About Pregnancy Weight

It’s not just mom’s, anymore! Dad’s are gaining an average of 14 lbs before the arrival of a new baby. As mom gets further along, making dinner at home becomes practically non-existent, cravings make snacks readily available, and when mom eats, dad does too, even if he’s not hungry.

Having a new bundle of joy in the house is a full-time job. You’re days are spent changing diapers, feeding, comforting, and not sleeping. And if you work outside of the house, too, forget it! There doesn’t seem like much of a chance to focus on yourself. But a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about you anymore. You’re providing the tools for your little one to follow your example and that’s priceless.

A Quick Guide to Staying Fit For Pregnant Couples

When Baby Sleeps, You Sleep

Babies don’t come out with a schedule in hand. Sleeping through the night is a luxury, so napping when baby naps throughout the day takes the place of the 8 hours you’re missing at night. As hard as it is to forget about the household chores, or catching up on work, or your favorite show, forget those! None of that is as important as getting rest.

Become A Stroller Dad

When you’re ready, start walking with the baby. Babies have a tendency to love movement. Put them in the stroller and go walk around the block. The movement should lull them to sleep and you’ll start getting your heart pumping again and waking up your muscles, plus pushing a stroller 1-2 miles in 30 minutes burns up to 150 calories according to the Surgeon General.

Breastfeeding is Best

If you’re able, breastfeed. Sorry, dads this one’s just for mom. Even if you’re just sitting around breastfeeding all day you’re burning 600-800 calories. You should compensate these lost calories by consuming an additional 500 calories in your diet, but breastfeeding has been shown to help women lose weight.

Biceps and Babies

Think about this…Babies can be used as weights! They come out weighing on average 7-8 lbs and continue gaining weight and you’ll be lifting them from one place to another, so take advantage. You can lie on the floor and lift them to the ceiling for a few reps. Just make sure it’s not right after they’ve eaten, and get a nice arm workout in. Or hold them while you do lunges or squats.

Curb Those Cravings

Eliminate empty calories. In order to attain the healthy lifestyle you’re craving, it’s time to quit the ice cream and chip cravings you probably had while during pregnancy. Eat small meals several times a day to curb your appetite, so you don’t indulge because you’re “hungry.” Having meals prepared ahead of time is an even easier way to eat when you have a little one.

Remember to eat. Sometimes you get so caught up in your baby duties that hours go by and you haven’t had a morsel. Even if your baby’s having an epic meltdown, put them down walk away and make something for yourself. Again, having healthy prepped meals or snacks readily available makes it easier for you to get the sustenance you need. If your blood sugar’s low, your frustration level is high and both you and baby will benefit if you’re not “hangry.”

It Takes a Village

Join a group. Mom’s groups, or dad’s groups, like Strolling Mama’s, are a great way to get together with other new parents and walk together, or workout and bond over parenthood. It’s also a great way to hold yourself accountable. Having a weekly meet-up gets you and baby out of the house and it’s something you’ll want to commit to in order to interact with more adults. Having adults with children the same age is a great benefit for baby, too. They can interact with each other and that helps develop socialization skills at an early age.

Eventually, a routine will emerge and you’ll be able to train more consistently. Starting is the hardest part, and once you have that down, the opportunities are endless.