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Slim Summer Cocktails

Slim Summer Cocktails | The Skinny MojitoThe Skinny Mojito is the perfect way to enjoy the summer’s most refreshing beverage without the effects of the high calories and sugar on your waistline. Ingredients * 1 oz. Rum * 12 Mint leaves * 6 oz. Sprite Zero * 1 tablespoon Splenda * 1 oz. Lime Juice […]

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The Winning Combo!

The “Winning Combo” coming in September! We have a new start date for “The Winning Combo”: (training with FormWell and food with Good Measure Meals – details on our website this week): Kick off presentation Thursday, Sept 22nd, 7pm. Contest starts 9/28/09). Stay tuned……….

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Bootcamp Starting this Fall!

Boot Camp is starting in September! Heather Odeh will be coming out of “retirement” to teach a great Boot Camp class starting in September! The class is scheduled for M-W-F at 9:30am – 10:15am. Only $15 per class! Also, if we have enough interest we will have a early morning class too (5am ish)! More […]

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Welcome Travis!!

* New FormWell Team Member! Please join me in welcoming the newest member of the FormWell team: Travis Brown, MS, CSCS*D! Travis is a graduate of University of Tennessee with a BS in Exercise Science and a MS in Recreation Administration. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, recertified with Distinction, with the NSCA […]

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Musings on the Time Magazine article

Exercise is essential for weight loss, because without strength-training, you will lose both fat AND muscle, and that will lead to a diminished metabolism. You must perform strength-training or you are doomed to fail. That being said, the article in Time magazine is interesting. There is a relationship between exercise and the desire to reward […]

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