Winning The Super Bowl

Big Game 2018

The Super Bowl is one of the first obstacles of the year with your new lifestyle. Long gone are the days of gorging on chips and dip, pizza, hot wings, and copious amounts of booze. You’ve changed your way of thinking and this is a great chance to show everyone, and yourself, how your new lifestyle can be incorporated into any social situation.

Super Bowl Party Tips

If you’re attending a free-for-all party, there are a few ways to manage your way through.

Afraid you’re going to overindulge? Eat beforehand. Fill up on the things you know will keep you full throughout the party.

Avoid Alcohol

I know, I know, …the sheer horror, but you’re working on yourself, and unfortunately one drink can affect your metabolism and add unwanted sugar and calories, not to mention usually leads to yet another drink.

Train First

Get in a nice, hard workout in before you go to any party. It will boost your metabolism and prepare you or the caloric intake.

Bring your own snacks

This is where instant gratification comes in handy. You can find a multitude of alternate snacks online to suit your urges.

Super Bowl Snack Ideas

White Bean Dip

A great alternative to hummus with a silkier texture and great accompaniment to your crudites.

Chipotle Chicken Sweet Potato Skins

A sweet and savory dish, full of fiber.

Ginger and Garlic Shrimp

Packed with protein, full of flavor and a high concentration of the antioxidant astaxanthin, known to reduce inflammation

No Bake Brownies

A gluten-free dessert with cocoa which can lower blood pressure, an added bonus when it’s a close game!

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