Obstacle Course Race Training

Obstacle Course Racing [OCR] is currently the fastest growing sport in America.

– Outside Magazine

Get Prepared For Your Next OCR with FormWell Obstacle Course Race Training

Have you done a Spartan Race, yet? Tough Mudder? Warrior Dash? Obstacle Course Racing [OCR] is currently the fastest growing sport in America. Like road running, obstacle racing comes in many distances, levels of difficulty, and variety of “obstacles.” The races are popular because they are both challenging, fun, and work your entire body. You can run as an individual or as a team and participants are encouraged to race at their own pace.

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Obstacle Races require the use of both your lower and upper body. You’ll tackle obstacles like, monkey bars, vertical walls, and maybe even flip a tire or two. You’ll crawl through mud, wade through bodies of water, and navigate webs of rope like a monkey, too.

While the obstacles are not mandatory, allowing you to navigate the course at your own ability level, you will get more out of the experience if you train specifically for this kind of event. Plus, it’s a heckuva’ lot of fun.

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Anyone can take our obstacle racing training classes, so you can either train for your own upcoming event, or no event at all. Either way, this training will improve your overall functional fitness levels and is a fun, effective way to take it up a notch.


Saturdays, February 2 – April 6 @ 9:00-10:00 a.m.

  • Full 10-week program: $150 – Sign Up
  • 5 class pass: $100 – Sign Up
  • Single class drop-In: $25 – Sign Up

*All abilities, speeds, and experience welcome. It’s about fun and camaraderie.