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Don’t Worry, Lift Happy

Toned female

Guess how many times we’ve heard this, “I just want to tone, not be bulky.” Then those same individuals go on about how they found this great home routine where they just use a can of soda to perform 100 reps to achieve this “toned” look. Let’s look past the fact you have a can of […]

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Keeping Formwell Fit

We have one goal. Client results. Running a business is rewarding, but there is something extra special about that pat on the back for a job well done. A client reaches that bodyweight goal, or achieves a new skill, or simply gets that first pull-up. We spend so much time focused on everyone else that […]

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The Basics and Importance of Recovery By Eric Marionneaux, Rock Star Coach at FormWell!  Recovery from workouts is often overlooked until an injury or joint pain occurs. If we are more preventative and incorporate better recovery strategies into our lives then the stronger we become! Allowing for recovery after a workout is the best […]

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How To Be Successful With Your Fitness Goals

By Eric Marionneaux, Rock Star Coach at FormWell  Why are so many people unsuccessful in maintaining their ideal health and fitness goals? Most of the time there are multiple reasons why. However, a lot of the time these “reasons” are really just excuses. We have all heard of the most common ones: not having […]

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The Ebb and Flow

*if you like this blog, you might enjoy my book:“Quiet the Noise: A Trail Runner’s Path To Hearing God” THE EBB AND FLOW As I sit here with my foot in a tub of ice, gazing out over an incredible view of the Blue Ridge Mountains, I am overcome with three strong emotions:    Peacefulness, Gratitude and […]

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Running In the Rain

Rain Why do I love running in the rain?  I mean, really, really love it? Example.  On a recent warm summer morning, I was set to meet a couple of friends for an easy 1 hour recovery run. As has been my new habit, I got there about 45 minutes early to do a long […]

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The Joy of Racing…..Part 2!

  *if you like this blog, you might enjoy my book:“Quiet the Noise: A Trail Runner’s Path To Hearing God” On 6/1/2013 my 8 year old daughter, Hana, ran her first trail race with me.  As I have said many times, I am very careful about not pushing my children too much (just healthy suggestions […]

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The First “DNF”

  The First “DNF” I started doing endurance races (for real, I had done a few road races before that) in 1992.  As of this writing I had completed over 200 road running races, duathlons, triathlons, off road running races and Ultra Marathons. Without a single DNF (Did Not Finish).  Ever. To give you an […]

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Why and HOW do you run 100 Miles?

  11/15/12 Why and How do you run 100 miles? Ah, where to begin? Might as well begin at the end. I finished my 100 mile journey!  26 hours and 52 minutes of pure joy, pain, more pain, more joy and finally, overwhelming gratefulness, peace and relief! It has taken a bit to get this […]

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