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Vacations and Workouts


Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, it’s easy to derail your fitness routine when you’re not near your local gym. Here are a few ideas to help you incorporate fitness into your travel plans and not lose the progress you’ve made after months of hard work. Do interval training with jumping jacks, pushups, […]

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Down But Never Out

Down but never out

We all have different end goals from weight loss to strength training to injury recovery as we take steps along our fitness journey. Regardless of your path, I encourage you to understand one thing above all: the difference between a setback and a failure. Do not allow setbacks to completely derail your progress along the […]

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Stop Exercising, Start Training

Exercise vs. Training

“We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.” -Archilochus It’s All in How You Spin It As we enter the third week of January when many people have already given up on their resolutions, are you finding yourself in an exercise rut while you’re working toward […]

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Do You Workout, or Do You HIIT It?

Burpees fit nicely into a HIIT routine

Experience the Advantages of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) A fast, efficient way to work out, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) has become the go-to method for quick fat loss. Utilizing short, intense bursts of exercises with less intense moves or complete rest in between, this method of exercise is an incredibly efficient way to cash in […]

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It’s All about Glute Strength

Get strong glutes

Everybody wants to be the most powerful athlete on the field, no matter the sport. The most powerful baseball player hits the most home runs, the most powerful golfer has the longest drive, and the most powerful boxer has the best chance of delivering a knockout punch. Power is defined as force times the velocity […]

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Don’t Worry, Lift Happy

Toned female

Guess how many times we’ve heard this, “I just want to tone, not be bulky.” Then those same individuals go on about how they found this great home routine where they just use a can of soda to perform 100 reps to achieve this “toned” look. Let’s look past the fact you have a can of […]

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Losing That Pregnancy Weight

Pregnancy Weight

Let’s Talk About Pregnancy Weight It’s not just mom’s, anymore! Dad’s are gaining an average of 14 lbs before the arrival of a new baby. As mom gets further along, making dinner at home becomes practically non-existent, cravings make snacks readily available, and when mom eats, dad does too, even if he’s not hungry. Having […]

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“Am I injured, or just hurt?”

Sore or injured?

One of the most common questions we receive as fitness professionals is advice on what to do when a member is sick, hurt or has an injury. While some people get Malloy Law Offices, LLC lawyers along with them, in injury cases, it is not necessary to do so, if you’re just physically hurt. However, […]

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