A Change of plans…….

No, I haven’t picked back up in my old sport of motocross, I just thought it would be cool to show you all a picture of what I used to do from age 13-27 (not quite as good as this guy, Ryan Dungey, 2010 champion in Supercross and outdoor Motocross)!  It is a very cool sport and so much more popular than when I was a kid, if you ever get a chance check out coverage of the series on “VS”.  supercross.com

Anyway, plans have changed, as they always do……. as I mentioned when I talked about signing up for my first 100 mile trail run, I did it because it felt like the right time to do it.  My training was progressing well, the 50 (53) miler went well, I am injury free (for the most part, aches and pains are just a part of our sport so I don’t count those) and our business has started to pick up again so I have the time and support at work to train more.   That all changed about 3 weeks ago when some major things changed at work – nothing major or bad that will affect our growth long term, just a change that will involve me taking back on some roles I had delegated to others for the past year – i.e., working more hours.

At first I was upset and disappointed then, after introspection and prayer time, I accepted that God has a plan for me, my business, my family, my hobbies, etc. and I need to accept and follow whatever changes he lays before me.  Trust in him and all will be fine.  I decided it was a sign that this is just not the year to do a “hundo” and emailed the race director to postpone my entry to 2012.

I am still running the Mystery Mountain Marathon (the hardest trail marathon I have ever done) in October and will train very hard for this race as it has absolutely kicked my butt the past 2 times I have done it – this year I will kick its butt!

Since my decision I had about a day of sadness and lack of direction and then I hit the ground running, so to speak.  I recommitted to work and have seen some really good results there and, amazingly, have still been able to squeeze in some very cool and fun training runs – including a 5 hour “jaunt” on the AT this past weekend, starting at 5am, that was amazing!   If things get more settled down, I may find an ultra for the spring of 2012 because I love training in the Winter, just gonna take it one day at a time….

Also, I am really looking forward to this weekend – I am running my first “real” race (he has done a couple of fun runs in the past) with my 9 year old son!  It is a 4 mile race and it finishes at home plate in Turner Field: Father’s Day 4 Miler!  We also get tickets to that days’ game to go with the whole family – it has been so cool training with him and seeing him progress as a runner, he really has way more potential than I ever had if he decides to go anywhere with this!  Being that I am somewhat extreme 😉 with my training and racing, I have been really careful not to push him into any of this, I waited until he was interested and am constantly checking in with him to see if he still wants to do it (probably driving him nuts) – our 2 rules for this Saturday morning are:

1. Do your best and,
2. Have fun!

That’s it, and that is it for my racing at this point in my life also!

Stay tuned for new goals, new adventures as I am sure they will show up as the year progresses……




  1. I can see some really interesting and useful stuff here!! Well done guys!! I have bookmarked this page and will be back soon to check out morel posts!! Keep blogging!!

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