Month: June 2011

4 Miles of Pure Bliss!

A picture is worth………….priceless! 6/18/2011: What a great day!  My son, Ryan, and I ran his first “real” race today (he has done 3 fun runs, 1-1.5 miles each) but this was the first real deal – 4 miles long, training program from Dad for 4 weeks leading up to race, hilly course, race number, […]

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A Change of plans…….

No, I haven’t picked back up in my old sport of motocross, I just thought it would be cool to show you all a picture of what I used to do from age 13-27 (not quite as good as this guy, Ryan Dungey, 2010 champion in Supercross and outdoor Motocross)!  It is a very cool sport […]

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