Month: September 2010

Free Juice Plus Presentation!

Hi Everyone! (from Todd Ortowski at FormWell………), Sometimes it is good to hear advice from other sources, not that you don’t trust what we tell you at FormWell :-). I had the opportunity to listen to Dr Phillips speak a few years ago and will be going to see him again Tuesday 9/21 at 7:00 […]

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Power Protein Pre Workout Shake!

9/23/10 I was looking through a bodybuilding magazine last weekend, which I NEVER do anymore,  and there were a ton of recipes for protein shakes (I know, shocker) that inspired me!  Heather and I used to make shakes every day, sometimes 2-3x per day and got kind of burnt out on it.  Now that we have all […]

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The Benefits of Juice Plus!

9/15/10 If you have not spoken to Todd, Heather or me about it, you are probably wondering what the information is at the front desk with this strange stuff called “Juice Plus”! Before I give you some information (put together by Todd and Heather, I cannot take credit 🙂 I will give a personal testimonial; […]

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