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Time to get (semi) Serious!

Doesn’t that trail look awesome?  Nope, not me, but someday……. Anyway, been a while since I have “blogged”, mostly because my training has been pretty minimal this winter and spring, mostly 4-8 mile runs, feeling good but nothing really long or epic that would inspire a cool blog.  God willing, that is going to change […]

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Actually Running (true pain) and a “guest” blog!

2/5/12 – Red Top Mountain 11.5 mile trail race!Quick “Rami” blog, followed by a first time ever, “guest” blog! This past Sunday I competed (I guess you could call it that) in an 11.5 mile trail race at Red Top Mountain.  This race was actually my 2nd ever trail race in 2008 and it one […]

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