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The Barkley Fall Classic: Another Metaphor For Life

   ** disclaimer, this blog has NOT been proofed, edited, spell checked, grammer checked or checked in any way, it is just my thoughts before they disappear into the abyss of my noise filled mind **** If you like this blog, you might enjoy my book:   Quiet the Noise: A Trail Runners Path To […]

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When I am closest to Death…..

  If you like this Blog, you might like my book: Quiet The Noise On ****** Note to readers, this is a write up of the 2nd longest race I have ever done, so……this might be the 2nd longest blog ever.  You have been warned, reading this without multiple aid stations, a crew, proper […]

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21 Day Vegan Challenge

If you like this posting, you might enjoy my book:  Quiet The Noise: a Trail Runner’s Path To Hearing God   Yes, you read that title correctly. The guy who routinely eats salami, cheese and mayo sandwiches before long runs completed a 21 day full Vegan challenge. Why? Couple of reasons – I have a long […]

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