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The Joy of Racing

*note* This picture is not my son, or anyone I know, just a cute shot of little kids blasting it out in my old favorite sport – motocross!  I would imagine behind that helmet and goggles is a smiling face!!! *if you like this blog, you might enjoy my book:“Quiet the Noise: A Trail Runner’s […]

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Really? I am 50 Years Old?

*** Note to my 6 readers (up from 3 last month) – I actually wrote this almost 2 months ago, life has been really hectic so just posting now…….enjoy! 50th Birthday! On 12/5/2012 I turned 50 years young!  Hard to believe it, when I was a kid most 50 year-olds were grandparents starting to contemplate […]

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6 Weeks to go: Confidence Builder AND shaker!

  Warning….long race = long blog, enter at your own risk! The week of 9/17/12 was very interesting in terms of training and my first realtest of fitness / readiness.  The goal was to run about 20 easy miles during the week (I was pretty trashed from last week) and then compete in a 50 […]

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9 Weeks to Go: Heat and Sleep Deprivation Training!

Last week was another new experience for me.  As I mentioned earlier, one of the suggestions from the 5000 different training plans for 100 milers on the internet included practicing sleep deprivation.  As the thought of staying up for 30+ hours, running for most of it, is one of the scariest things for me about […]

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Time to get (semi) Serious!

Doesn’t that trail look awesome?  Nope, not me, but someday……. Anyway, been a while since I have “blogged”, mostly because my training has been pretty minimal this winter and spring, mostly 4-8 mile runs, feeling good but nothing really long or epic that would inspire a cool blog.  God willing, that is going to change […]

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Actually Running (true pain) and a “guest” blog!

2/5/12 – Red Top Mountain 11.5 mile trail race!Quick “Rami” blog, followed by a first time ever, “guest” blog! This past Sunday I competed (I guess you could call it that) in an 11.5 mile trail race at Red Top Mountain.  This race was actually my 2nd ever trail race in 2008 and it one […]

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