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Obstacle Course Race Training

OCR Training at FomWell

Ever considered doing  Spartan Race, Tough Mudder or any of the similar obstacle course races? Get ready for your next obstacle course race or see what it’s like to train for one in this 10-week course (you do NOT have to sign up for a race to participate in these workouts). These workouts will focus on training methods […]

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A FormWell Success Story (ongoing)!

9/12/14 I have been the laziest blogger in the universe and I am about to get even lazier.  Instead of a cool write up of one of my crazy races, or a article on sugar addiction, or a great YouTube of fighting cats, etc. I am going to share a link to a blog written […]

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  The Journey to 100 Miles Continues….. Well, it has been a month of training and I am still alive!  One thing to note, I am no longer calling this race an “attempt” – I was very kindly(?) reminded by one of the guys in my Tuesday AM Strength Training for Endurance Athletes Class ( […]

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