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Team Options at FormWell

Team Training:

Unlimited Team Training: Group style training in teams of 5 or more (45 minute sessions ).
You will have access to as many team trainings as you want. . . These team classes use kettle bells, suspension tools, medicine balls, ropes and your own body weight! Circuit Training is a great way to shake things up and give you a full body workout, burn tons of calories, and get your metabolism going. This is THE most effective workout for burning stubborn fat!

Monthly Membership Pricing - Team Training (5 or more people)

 Annual  Monthly
 $129/mo  $199

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Endurance Class Testimonials

Rami, you have completely changed the game for me. The focus on lower body strength/endurance has given me the power I have lacked. Hopefully I do well enough to rep the FORMWELL jersey during the Iron… One condition – It must be an extra small to enhance the guns…

Get ripped,


Thanks Rami for all your help! I'm much...much...faster on the bike & trail than I was when I started training with you back in April. My swim has improved a little too. I'm sure that being almost 15 lbs. leaner has also helped! I'm feeling great, well prepared, & ready for the race! I'm not sure what to expect for time or how I will fare against the competition out there. However, my goal is to have a great race & beat as many folks as possible. While I might not beat Lance Armstrong, Conrad Stotz, or Tim DeBoom, I will be breathing down someone's back!

Will & Josh, have a GREAT Race as well! I know that both of you are going to crush it!


As a triathlete I have always been focused on four disciplines; swim, bike, run and repeat...after a few months of strength training sessions at Formwell I have seen huge fitness gains which make it clear that any triathlete who takes the sport seriously should incorporate strength training in their training plans.


I absolutely loved FormWell's "Strength Training for Triathletes" class. Rami's workouts targeted both my strengths and weaknesses - including some much needed arm work that really helped my swimming! Doing the exercises in a group setting really upped the intensity level, and of course, there's no slacking when Rami's around! Overall, it's a great class and I really believe it gave me a good fitness boost to jump start my triathlon season.