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Contact information to discuss: Rami F. Odeh, 770 804 1898 x10,

Is your corporation, network group, church, club, social organization, etc. looking for a health-related presentation or health screening? Are you looking to set up a "fitness / wt loss challenge" that can help improve employee health, wellness, productivity, team spirit and reduce Health care costs? FormWell may have the answer for you!

Our founder and president, Rami F. Odeh, MS, has done numerous presentations and health screenings to local businesses, churches, networking groups and athletic organizations regarding all facets of fitness training and nutrition (group sizes from 4 people to over 100). He also runs numerous fitness and weight loss challenges at local corporations.

At your presentation, we will also present a brief explanation of the services FormWell offers and provide a gift certificate for a complimentary 2 week trial at FormWell -- including group classes and personal training (if participants are interested). Below are some examples of the seminars we have done, or we can design a new presentation based on your needs.

Cost: Based on length of lecture and amount of participants, scope of project: call to discuss.

Health Screenings (can pick one, or a combination of services):

· Body Composition (Calculation of Lean Body Mass and Fat Body Mass)
· Blood Pressure
· Resting Heart Rate
· BMI (Body Mass Index)
· Circumference Measurements
· Flexibility


· Exercise, Nutrition and Weight Control
· Optimum fitness training programs with minimal time
· Fitness training when traveling
· Exercise prescription for the “mid-life” female
· Exercise for stress reduction
· Exercise and Spirituality
· Does Your Commitment Match Your Goals?
· Effective Cardiovascular Training
· Geriatrics, Exercise and Arthritis
· Exercise for Weight Loss
· Healthy Living = An Effective, Profitable and Happy Work Place

Combination Lecture/Workout Sessions

· The F.A.Q.S. (Frequently Asked Questions) of Exercise
· Weight Training Basics
· Getting and Staying Motivated
· Metabolism - What is it and how can we increase it?

· Flexibility Training

 Contact information to discuss: Rami F. Odeh, 770 804 1898 x10,