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What is a Personal Trainer?

A certified personal trainer is a fitness professional qualified to design individualized exercise programs. A qualified trainer has experience with and understands principles of anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and exercise. Because of their expertise and motivational skills, trainers often make the difference in a successful fitness program


Why choose a Personal Trainer?

* You need added motivation to exercise.
* You would like to benefit from the knowledge and experience of a professional trainer.
* You do not know how to begin a fitness program.
* You prefer the home or studio environment to a club


What does weight training do?

Muscle tissue (lean body mass) is the only place your body burns stored body fat. Among other things, weight training (resistance training) helps to maintain and increase lean tissue mass, which will increase your metabolism. In conjunction with a well-balanced nutritional program and proper cardiovascular exercise, weight training is the most efficient and effective way to decrease stored body fat.


Do I need a personal trainer?

If you want to get the most out of your workout, whether you are just starting out and need qualified technique instruction or a well- seasoned athlete that needs a change or more motivation, personal training could help you. FormWell personal training specializes in providing time efficient, effective, affordable and safe workouts that most people can complete in less than 45 minutes