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Kip Coombs

After years and years of working out with no results, I finally decided to
get an expert opinion and met with Rami Odeh. He was instrumental in not
only getting me the results I wanted but also in making a life change. My
program was a very well thought out mix of weight training, cardio training,
and diet. All of this, coupled with his genuine interest in helping me
achieve what I wanted, was just the prescription/motivation I needed to
stick with it. Furthermore, he made sure I had a plan that was totally
realistic given my time constraints with work.

Training with Rami was so much more than the token consultation/training
session most fitness establishments offer. This was the "real deal." In six
months training with Rami, I cut my body fat from 15% to 8.5%. I went from
being just able to finish triathlons to actually placing in my age category.
5 years later I am energized and fresh at work, my personal life is top
notch, and I've completed an Ironman, a Marathon, and over 40 triathlons. I
couldn't have gotten there without the right trainer/coach. It's safe to say
I owe a lot to Rami Odeh.