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It is 3 years ago this month, that I started at Formwell, came in on a voucher from Northside Hospital. One month after starting the weight training program, I received a call from my doctor, "Did you know you have osteoporosis?" No, I did not. Proof is in the pudding they say, and although I am still classified as having osteoporosis, the numbers from my tests last year had improved greatly, especially in the hips. My neck is still not good, but the weight training for that area has had to be modified because of the arthritis I have in my shoulders. (Isn't aging fun?) >From all the reading I have done, weight training is the one best thing to do for osteoporosis and I'm glad I've had the staff at Formwell to help me on this journey. I'm still more comfortable doing cardio at home but have gradually adopted some weight training exercises I try to do 2 -3 times a week.

I have to confess my weight has not changed much, although I have dropped about 20 pounds over the past 3 years. However, with Ralyn's support, I have changed my diet to purposefully include 4-5 vegetables and 3-4 fruits each day. After Rami's class last month on nutrition, I realize I need to monitor the protein as well. But oh, reducing those carbs and sugars, it is really hard. I also quit smoking last year - I was never a heavy smoker - but enjoyed 1-2 cigarettes on the porch after work. So why is sugar so hard to reduce or give up? I'll continue to search for my personal answers and will enjoy hearing whatever you learn about combating this problem that has become a national epidemic.

Look forward to seeing you over the next two weeks and resuming our business relationship as soon as possible.

Take care, Ellen