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Dr. and Mrs. Robert Tyrrel

To whom it may concern,

Rami Odeh has been our trainer for approximately four years. We first met
Mr. Odeh at a large athletic club (The Concourse in Atlanta) where we asked,"
Who is the best trainer for lasting results?" Three different trainers
agreed it was Rami. I didn't think three trainers could agree on anything!
After getting through the waiting list, we were not disappointed.

Rami weaves a tough work out with nutrition advice. He is always
professional, personable and encouraging. After adjusting our diets to our
lifestyles and our training to our desired results, we both noticed definite
improvements in our bodies, our energy and attitudes. I put on more lean
muscle mass while decreasing my body fat to that of an athlete. My wife
also lost fat and gained muscle but her percentages were consistent with
her goal of primarily loosing fat.

Rami has been flexible and supportive with us. He guided us through
multiple pregnancies making the whole birth process much easier. He is
wonderful at spreading his enthusiasm of wellness to his clients and helping
them maintain their discipline. He is bright, articulate and energetic. I
recommend him without reservation. He will be a credit to any institution or
club fortunate enough to attract him.

If I may be of further service, please do not hesitate to call me at
(404-843-3232). Thank you.

Dr and Mrs. Robert Tyrrel